Laksiri Metal Crusher
Laksiri Metal Crusher
47 Mile Post, Arawaththa, Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka.

Suppliers For All Kind of Crushed Metal and Tipper on Hire, Loaders, Exeavator, Air Compressor, Other Earth Moving Machine of Hires
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      Laksiri Metal Crusher was established before 08 years (Since 2003) at 47th mile post Arawaththa, Mahiyangana. and it was developed step by step. Earlier there were very few workers, but now there are numbers of workers with Laksiri Metal Crusher.
      Now they do the business buy using modem machines so it can do day to day business very easily and efficiency. Because of that laksiri metal crusher could give a better service to public as well.
      And because of the quality service laksiri metal crusher getting a good response and people deal with that business name regularly. Laksiri Metal Crusher supplies metal for building constructions and road constructions in all over the country. When considering metal sizes '', 1'', 2'', 9'' metal available from Laksiri Metal Crusher.
      The important thing is Laksiri Metal Crusher can transport it's metal to any place ofthe country with out daily. so it has a big transport power.
      Any way if some one want any kind of machines regarding metal crushing, Laksiri Metal Crusher produces those machines under low rent.
      When We Do Our Business By Using With Modern Machines And Kindly Service, We Will Be Able To Reach The Best Advantage Of This Field. Because Of That The Public Could Be Able To Get Both Machineries and Metal Service Under Our Laksiri Home. Then Customers Will Surely Able To Save Their Time And Money As Well
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About Us